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About Us

Mantra: “प्रज्ञानम् ब्रह्म : Prajnana is Brahma”.

S. C. Ray Educational Trust (SCRET) is a new NGO that aims to provide skills and training for the new age interns and trainees who would like to improve their current skill to match the standard of the globe.

SCRET India a public charitable trust (NGO) registered on 1 Sep 2017 u/s 3 of Indian Trusts Act, 1882, Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, NGO Darpan and Udyog Aadhaar of Government of India.

  • We aim at providing world-class trainings in major fileds of current socio-econo-technological domains.
  • We pave best quality and curated methdology for the interns and trainees with help of renowned trainers.
  • We leverage certifications on proctored completion of short, mid and long-term courses for enhancing knowledge, market value and performance aware mindsets.


We provide excellent quality learning modules for the mindets who believe in skill development, knowledge gathering and productive aspects of career.


We provide internships approved by AICTE on latest market trend topics on socio-economic-technological domains


We train people with the required set of market aware tool sets


We provide high quality faculty development progarm (FDP) to the faculties to enhance existing knowledge

Courses Offered

We deliver online courses i.e. targeted course on latest topics of various genre of knowledge domains

Soft Skills

We improve soft and business skills for the quality aware mindsets

R&D Projects

We support formulating R&D projects and dissetations to reach higher quality

Why choose us?

We are only R&D supported venture originated from a non-profit organization in India that aims at holoistic development of sharpening mindsets.

World class collaboration

Our educators belong to verious domains having international standard knwoledge and world class knwoledge sharing brains.

Productive sessions

Each of the sessions associated with the trainees and interns are blended in such way to provide optimum quality productive outcome at the end of the course.

Valued knowledge

We have expertise toward shaping of a mindset for achieving R&D vision and objectives in own career as well as life.




Courses Offered


Hours Of Support


Hard Workers

Socio-Economic training and skill-set development.

Existing socio-economic structure has demanded people to look for and investigate inner being of a self to enrich personal skill and mindset. Thus, a strong need of dynamics can be perceived in current scenario of dynamic cultural augmentation.

Skill and knowledge specific curated platform is missing which we aim at support. We also thrive to impart world class lecture and hands-on sessions to the trainees who would like to sharpen specific R&D centric projects for formal or valuable productive solution dissemination.

Technological Mindset formulation.

Major focus of the PRACTICUM is to leverage world-class learning association with the fellow learners and interns to earn valuable knowledge and enrich own understanding about possible application of the knwoledge in current market.

We prvide Quantum-Degree programmes that can be helpful for the learners to fill the required gap of knowledge of thrust. Our solicited education and hands-on programmes are curated to match the demand of market and application perspectives.

Our imporatnce lies into the provisioning of cutting-edge intellectual solutions to the learnes from any age-group or genre to ultimately sparkle self significance in the society as well as practical field of work place.